I'm a UK based director with more than 7 years of experience in Post-Production. So far I have worked for video games including Fall Out 3 and World of Warcraft and have produced music videos, behind-the-scenes, video campaigns, commercials and documentaries.


In May 2012 I took one of my films to Cannes, where it was screened in the Short Film Corner.


My latest sci-fi short film, Never Ending, won 2nd place at the Comic Con Film Race 2015.


I currently working on my first action/thriller feature, The Gemini Project.


I have a passion for films and filmmaking, as it remains the most universal form of storytelling.

Carlos Boellinger / Director / Post-Production

Check out the trailer of my latest short film: NEVER ENDING.




Production stills from our short, NEVER ENDING.


As part of the Comic Con Film Race so it was made in only 48 hours.


NEVER ENDING came 2nd place at the event award ceremony.