Welcome to Cobalt Life

After his co-workers are killed, Anton, a young man with a terminal illness, must outwit the leader of a powerful cult that he comes to discover experimented on him.

Anton Denford (25), has for years lived with an unexplained medical condition - and a childhood memory of wanted terror suspect, Michael Conway. 


Exactly 25 years ago: Dr. Michael Conway and his friend and mentor 

Dr. Christopher State stood on the verge of a fantastic breakthrough in genetics - before being shut down by the government.


Now: Anton’s past comes full circle when his work colleagues are wiped out in a senseless massacre - with Anton as the target.


On the run from forces he can scarce comprehend, Anton must seek the help of disgraced journalist Jackie Makenfry and reclusive hacker Diego - to uncover who and what he is. 


Anton Denford must solve the mystery of his own past before Christopher State and his agents find him - and use him in State’s plan to control mankind.


WELCOME TO COBALT LIFE combines elements of THRILLER and SCI-FI. At the core is a superhero origin story, told in the language of Neo-noir. A protagonist must discover his past and the sinister forces which shaped his existence - while shadowed by the most deadly and charming female villain of all time, KEIRA LANG (Dr. State’s right hand enforcer). KEIRA is the dark mirror to ANTON’S hero - her fate inextricably bound to his. 

Welcome to Cobalt Life (WTCL) is a dark journey of self-discovery for the hero, and the protagonists and antagonists around him. The set pieces are not built on pyrotechnics - but on moments when those journeys collide.


COBALT is a tightly contained story which is not time and place specific, it can be filmed in most major cities (Eg. Shanghai which doubles for Hong Kong; London, Boston, Taipei) and sits ‘next to’ our current time - or just 30 seconds into our future (like Andrew Niccol’s ‘Gattaca’ or ‘In Time’).


The audiences we seek are filmgoers who enjoy modern noir like ‘Drive’, ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Bound’, ‘Collateral.’ COBALT is also in essence a superhero origin myth without the capes, much like ‘Unbreakable’, ‘Chronicle’ and ‘Logan.’


With Dr. State’s sinister COBALT LIFE SOLUTIONS defeated but not dismantled, WTCL leaves the way open for a continuation of the story - where the surviving characters face new and ever more dangerous threats.