We have a passion for films and filmmaking, as it remains the most universal form of storytelling.

Carlos Boellinger / Director / Post-Production

Originally from Venezuela, Carlos has been working in UK post production for the last 9 years. He has worked for video games including Fall Out 3 and W.o.W. and has directed music videos, commercials and documentaries.


Carlos plays the guitar and aside from filmmaking has 4 studio albums with his band (The Badje). He believes filming is as much about rhythm and intuition as it is about technical expertise. Favourite topics include The Beatles, Ridley Scott, and of course Westerns.



Ivo Alexander / Producer / Post-Production

Writer / producer of Polish-German origin, who combines skillsets in Marketing and Project Management with his passion for film making. His ambition is to shoot a Western.


Ivo’s natural environments include the Tennis court and a karate dojo. Can often be found with a coffee and script, whilst staring wistfully at passing airliners (because they’re fascinating).


If you want to leave your mark be remarkable

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We have one rule: it has to look amazing. All those details which go into achieving it, they are where we live. We pride ourselves on finding | nurturing | working with the best and brightest up-and-coming talent. If you’d like to know more,  drop by and we’ll show you the results on a big screen. We also do damn fine coffee.