Third Day - a Neo-Noir Short Film

Circa 1990, I was 12 years old, back in Venezuela, there wasn’t much choice of programs as we only had 2 main channels, so apart from the Saturday morning cartoons, my time in front of the TV set was very limited (and very much guarded by my mum).
Now, if I was sneaky enough, and that meant waiting for my mum to fall asleep on a Sunday evening, I could tip toe my way to the TV set, sit very close to it (too loud and I’d be in trouble) and watch the night programs which included the Spanish dubbed version of Twin Peaks and the Twilight Zone among others.
With Third Day, Ivo Bochenski (the writer/producer) and I wanted to recreate the same impact those programs had on us, the mixed range of emotions of uneasiness, humour and mystery which made them such a unique and engaging combination. 
Hope you enjoy watching Third Day as much as we enjoyed making it.

Carlos Boellinger

Plot Outline: 


For Philip Carver, working at Norton Ash was always a strange gig but when his life stopped making sense, he realised that to piece together the present, he must first solve the past.

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