Current Project: Star Wars -Jedi's Code (short film)

The Star Wars saga is currently enjoying an unprecedented revival with the success of Episode 7: The Force Awakens, two more episodes to come, and multiple spin-offs, the first of which, Rogue One, is due this December.


This has lead to a resurgence of Fan Films on Youtube, made by and for Star Wars audiences. The most successful of these attract views counted in millions.

Star Wars: Jedi’s Code is a Fan Film we made to look like a 7 minute piece of a feature film - with Production Design, VFX and performances all executed to a professional standard.


Originally for JJ Abrams’ (director of Episode 7) five minute film competition - we decided to step away and make a film which is a little longer and more complex.

Check out our short film Star Wars - Jedi's Code: