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why the cat?

WHY is always the best question. To live, to recognise, to share. Don’t settle for the ordinary or the flawless, aim for the stuff in between: rough diamonds; shades of meaning; the potential in potential difference.

Tin Cowboys

To write ourselves into the collective unconscious we need to use the language of myth, and this takes skill in story design. At Tin Cowboys we effect this through a tactical mix of flair and experience.


our visual style

Whatever we film, be it music, commercial or feature, there’s one rule: be memorable. We cultivate a visual style. We do this through expert knowledge of lighting, framing, cutting; how a shot will grade based on the equipment we use. We understand however that true value lies not in the process, but the faces in the frame: what animates them, drives them, directs them.

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flair + experience

CARLOS and IVO bring raw talent; MARK brings oversight and production nous which only comes with decades of experience in the business. This includes years working as producer in the legendary Collett Dickenson Pearce, as well as Propaganda Films, and then Tsunami. Through our partnership with MADE FILM and CREATION COMPANY we deploy state of the art Arri cameras as well as our own production unit. Limitations of what we achieve together are only where you set them. If you believe our visual style is suited to your story: read on.

Carlos Boellinger

Carlos spent over a decade in post production, working on everything from games (World of Warcraft) to commercials (featuring David Beckham and Christopher Walken). At the same time he played drums and bass guitar in his band The Badje, while honing his craft as director on numerous shorts, music videos and 48hr challenges. In 2018, together with Ivo, he began shooting his debut feature. Carlos’ experience as editor also allows him to see how a sequence will cut together, affording him an edge over other directors.

Ivo Alexander

Ivo’s background includes studying physics, serving in the TA (army reserve) and living in Manchuria (studying Mandarin and Martial Arts), before a 2012 MBA in Marketing and Project Management where he found himself helping out on a film set. Six years later he executive produced his first feature film, directed by Carlos. As line producer he’s worked on music videos and features. His experience gives him an eye for creative production combined with granular attention to detail.

Mark Andrews

Mark began his career at the BBC then moved to the music business at Warner Bros. He became Head of TV at Collett, Dickenson Pearce & Partners in the 80s, being responsible for some of the most famous TV commercials in history. He launched US-based Propaganda Films in the UK and Europe for Polygram/PFI which was then one of the world’s largest commercial, music video and feature production companies. He started his own multi award-winning production company TSUNAMI in the late 90s, followed by M8 Content in 2016. Recently, he has directed and produced wide-ranging content for several political parties and is developing a slate of TV projects.

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and finally ..

Many will pick up a camera; knowing how to use it is another thing. Bring us your story concept, and we’ll bring you that cinema feel


We offer end-to-end production, as well as a dedicated post production facility through our partners. Do you have an idea, or a particular look and feel you’d like to discus? That’s the easy part: give us a call. 

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Tel: +44 (0) 7854 540 262

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